Imperium Romanum

   Referring to the legend Rome was settled 753 BC by Romulus and Remus. Probably nobody has expected that the small realm at the seven hills would become indeed the most powerful empire of the world history. No other city of the ancient world was able to catch up to the elegance, the glory and the wealth of Rome, and no city up to the 19th century as well. The Roman Empire outlived times of war and peace, and even today we are able to find works of art, literature and a lot of glorious structures of the ancient city. A new era began with the collapse of the Roman Empire. The glory and the elegance disappeared and for several centuries people could not achieve anything equal to the fame of the Imperium Romanum.

The headquarter of your city "The Forum"

   In the game "Imperium Romanum", the player now has to revive the different cities of the Roman Empire. In the capacity of a governor, everybody has the possibility to rebuild cities like Rome or Genoa on his own, to arrange them or to put them back on the map. The citizens are the capital, the mission of the player is to assuage their needs and to help them to a social upgrade. If this does not succeed, the public will become unhappy, go on strike or set the buildings on fire. In this case, the city is doomed to failure. But it is worthwhile to deal with those problems, because after having survived all catastrophes and crises you can admire a beautiful city with a great architecture.

   It is recommended to play the tutorial at first and not to start immediately, because of the diversity of buildings and all the needs which have to be assuaged, the player will may be overstrained at first sight. The tutorial explains quickly all important and basic principles of the game. At the beginning of the campaign, the player has to choose the city he wants to rebuild. Though, the play is not based on the history of the different city. It is interesting to get to know some historical facts about each city while playing. After choosing the city you want to build the game starts with one single building, the forum. This is the linchpin of the whole city, if the forum is destroyed, the game will be lost. You will get assignments by a form of a card system and you have to deal with these challenges to be successful in your responsibility as governor. For example, you have to raise a triumphal arch, because it stands for the exalted status of the city. However you can get relief goods and different bonuses like money or that resources will be mined twice as much for a limited period of time. So because of the card system you will never get bored while developing and creating your city and indeed the message system is quite helpful while your building your structures because it informs you when citizens are dissatisfied or other important things are happening.

The Forum, expanded to the highest level

   Economy, social and construction system:
   Constructing a building is easy, you only have to choose which structure you want to erect and workers will do the rest. Though, every building can only cover a limited area with its services because of its sphere of action, so you have to pay attention that the lumberjack is in the near of a residence, so that your citizens can go working. The economy system is unfortunately constructed quite simple, there are no products which needs more than two steps for finishing. Even if it is too bad it contributes to the clarity. You do not need many structures to tend the people with the absolutely necessary, you only need one farm for pigs, one for corn and one for flax for 1000 citizens at a time. However you need two or three lumberjacks and the same amount for the stone pits for building resources.

   The social framework is constructed on the fact that each class of population has its own needs. All in all there are four different types of houses: Magalia, Casa, Domus, Villa. Depending on the rank of the house you can say which class of population lives in it, there are: novices, apprentices, professionals and masters. If the needs which are given will be satisfied the residence and consequently the inhabitants will achieve the next rank. For example building a well and a temple near a Magalia will cause the development to a Casa. Sometimes it is hard to satisfy the citizens because there is no amount of place fore building a theater or baths, or the sphere of action is to small. Only the fight system comes of badly, still there is the possibility for fighting but it is nothing spectacular. There are three different types of armies but only one kind of enemy, barbarians.

The temple of Fortune

   Grafik and Sound:
   All ancient structures you can find in Imperium Romanum are illustrated in detail. You can quickly notice which buildings are important because they have golden ornaments or sculptures on it, which you can still see from a upper perspective. The surrounding area like trees, plants or hills intensely helping the game to look more alive and seeing the citizens walking through the streets over and over again have the same effect. As well as small things like flames at the temples and even fountains are animated very well. The changeover from day and night and the weather effects like raining are really nice to look at it. What a pity that the residences look always the same very quickly, this would be a good point for more designs, but still the game is designed beautiful. The sound appears to be unvaried because the building sounds are always the same and even the other noises seem to be quite similar. However the music is chosen really good, the player has always the feeling to be in the ancient world and he can better identify with his city.

   All in all the game is really nice for relaxing along the way, when you have intention of playing an easefully strategic game. Some people will be reminded on the games "The Romans" and the "Caesar" series. In any case it can be recommended because of the beautiful graphic and the simple gameplay and in the long term you are sometimes in the mood to build your own Rome.

Overall ranking: 7/10

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